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Mass Flow Controller

Independent Digital Convenience

Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Gases
The New Red-y Compact 2 Series - Even more stunning features.
Wide choice of flow units:

Choose between a large number of standardized and normalized flow units of the Imperial, US customary and SI measuring systems (with user adjustable reference conditions). The units are selectable from the integrated menu both for the actual flow and the totalized flow.

Extended alarm functions:

The Red-y compact 2 series provide 3 configurable alarms. The following triggers are available: Low alarm, high alarm, window alarm and totalizer alarm. The alarms can be configured with different parameters: Normally open, normally closed, hysteresis, auto/manual/remote reset, delay and alarm duration.

Device information & notifications:

Display of complete device information including all configuration settings. Alerts and notifications show up on the home screen.

Upgraded device features:

New device features will be available and can be updated through the built-in USB interface.

Autonomy, Precision, and Comfort for your Application

Through the application of high-precision MEMS technology (CMOS sensors), the thermal flow meters and controllers from Vögtlin Instruments AG set new standards in terms of response characteristics and measuring accuracy, and are characterized by maximum convenience:

  • The devices are very compact, can be installed in any position, and are immediately ready for operation.
  • The built-in touch display with an intuitive navigation offers various settings.
  • The devices measure real mass flow, independent of changes in pressure and temperature.
  • This provides high accuracy and repeatability to the measuring results.
  • In addition to the actual value, the total consumption is displayed.
  • This creates transparency in supply systems.
  • The autonomous operation with a standard AA battery makes the compact a high-precision alternative to variable area flow meters.
  • High quality: All flow meters are produced and calibrated at our headquarters in Aesch, Switzerland.
How the mass flow meter works?

The mass flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series make use of the latest MEMS technology and have a digital (Modbus RTU) and analog interface as standard. Thermal Mass flow meters. Battery operated.

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