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Magnetic Flowmeter

MAG Series is a high-quality Magnetic Flow Meter that measures volumetric range. Our magnetic flowmeter is designed to measure the flow of the fluids which are conductive. One of the reasons why it is suitable for Water and Wastewater and diverse applications is because once it is installed, the operation is quite simple as the Magmeter can function with minimum maintenance. 

We provide the magnetic flow meter and a calibration certificate from International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), a certified calibration house. When the magnetic flowmeter operated in a hazardous location, the MAG Series housing and internal electronics are all sealed and welded to ensure the protection of electronics and the operator.

Magnetic flowmeters can also be offered with sanitary connections for food applications such as milk and dairy products. The output flow signal is directly proportional to the flow velocity. 


A magnetic flowmeter is commonly called a Magmeter. This flow meter principle exploits Faraday’s law. A voltage is picked up which is proportional to the average flow velocity. 

The *Induced voltage is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid moving through the magnetic field. This induced voltage is literally carried to the transmitter through the electrode circuit. *Induced voltage is produced as a result of electromagnetic induction.

Faraday's Law

Mathematically defined as, E=K*B*D*V.*T.

The following video presentation video presentation shows how the electrodes and coils play their part in the measurement. 

There are two major components of a Magnetic Flowmeter. The Magmeter is a signal converter with basic components like magnet coils and electronics and traditional design is a body made up of a flange section and pipe. However, alternative Magnetic Flowmeter styles are wafer and insert Magnetic flow probe. 

  • Obstruction less Design
  • Linear Output
  • Corrosion resistant wetted parts
  • High Accuracy
  • Water abstraction flow
  • Water purification and desalination flow
  • Drinking water distribution networks 
  • Revenue metering or billing
  • Leakage detection
  • Irrigation flow
  • Industry water
  • Cooling water flow rate
  • Wastewater flow
  • Sewage and sludge flow
  • Sea water flow
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